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Business Leader Combat - How To Get and Keep An Edge Over Your Competitors and Win On The Business Battlefield
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"Business Leader Combat - How To Get and Keep An Edge Over Your Competitors and Win On The Business Battlefield"

Does running your business feel like a constant battle? Apply strategic military and business growth strategies to grow your business in any economy without stress, overwhelm and burnout.

In Business Leader Combat: How to Get & Keep an Edge Over Your Competitors and Win on the Business Battlefield, Jones takes you through the harsh reality of the business world in terms of a military framework.

When you apply the concepts of military preparation and execution of assignments to your business, non-profit, or your life, you’ll develop new strategies that are tough enough to withstand the most fearsome of internal and external opponents. 

In this book, you’ll discover: 
- How to use minimum force while getting the maximum return on your business decisions.
- How to use strategic, operational, and tactical intelligence to strengthen your company in the short and long term. 
- How to gain an edge over the competition by understanding and connecting with your customers and your market. 
- How to become a better leader with constant personnel and equipment readiness.
- How to develop a strategic coalition and much, much more! 

No matter what kind of organization you run, Jones’ refreshing, straightforward book will help you strategize your way to victory. As you put these simplified military concepts into practice, you’ll determine how to be on top of your game so your business can be on top in the marketplace. 

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